The Bean Bank


A poem inspired by my experience volunteering at a food bank during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the midst of COVID-19
I see them staring back at me,
Amongst a modest spread of food –
A mighty stash of tinned baked beans.

Stacked atop their canned comrades,
They wait until their pick
As a blissful side of comfort
On a breakfast fit for Brits.

Sealed in tight for freshness,
These blighters never perish.
Slathered on a mound of toast
Is how I love my beans the most.

Humble beans for hungry mouths,
And don’t you know there’s loads around?
COVID’s here and life’s unsteady.
For many, though, it was already.

At the bank to do my bit,
I pack a feast of snacks and cans.
While locals stand in staggered lines
For bagged-up goods that stave the pangs.

Back at home I heat some up
And pour them on an isle of fluff.
Distributed equally
Is how I love all beans the most.

© Lydia Rose