A State of Imbalance


An existential poem on the imbalance within politics, society and our environment.

I am a pendulum
Swinging in one direction –
Pointing towards
Society’s reflection.
I gasp for air
But breath does not reach me,
Only the fumes
Of phallic projection.

The iris grows
Where she is potted.
The wild is bleak
And tamed by logic.
Left commodified
While the right wilts;
Her value displaced
Among deciding structures.

The heart is mocked
While it is free to pump,
For only oil rigs
Are seen to drive us forward.
The mountains weep,
Her curves defeated –
Ripped up and torched
While saltwater bleeds.

Mother knocks,
But we cannot hear
Above crass shrieks
Of othered illusion.
The logos of parliament
Branding our differences,
Paled impurity
Building our future;

A cylindrical detonation.

© Lydia Rose, the5ftecofeminist.com