Face Paint


A rhyming reflection on my personal use of makeup.

I paint my face in the mirror every day
And watch as each blemish blends away.
Powders and pastes hide the flaws beneath
And with one last flick my mask is complete.

It’s not that I hate the skin that I’m in –
I no longer chase being breathlessly thin.
It took some time but I’ve learnt to love me,
Plus hunger won’t fight the patriarchy.

It’s my face, my decision,
And I draw brows with such precision.
With bright red lips and bouncy curls
I’m sure to enchant both boys and girls.

Some might call it vanity,
And when I wink at myself I quite agree!
When you’ve starved so long for perfection
It feels good to admire your reflection.

I paint my face in the mirror every day
While the hours of my morning waste away.
One last spritz so my blush won’t run –
I’d rather run late than my mask come undone.

© Lydia Rose, the5ftecofeminist.com